Custom Glass Etching

  • Glass etching, which is achieved by propelling an abrasive with high air pressure onto the glass, is know as sandblasting. 
  • The subtle, translucent finish it creates is permanent, so there will be no peeling, cracking or fading as with fake finishes ever.
  • Exceptional art pieces can be created, ranging from elegant architectural privacy solutions to delicately etched glassware.
  • By carving, shading, outlining, flat blasting or texturing the glass, individually, or in combination with each other, the design possibilities are endless.
  • Items commonly blasted are: glass doors, windows, kitchen cupboards, glass table tops, mirrors, glass trophies and awards, wine or champagne bottles and glasses.

Glass Etched / Sandblasted Glass Panel

                        Glass Etching Gallery

The images showcase some of Michele's work and may serve as a source of ideas. Photo's regrettably don't capture the subtle beauty achieved when light filters through glass.

Michele will gladly liaise with you to establish what your needs and preferences are, so that she can create something exclusive for you. If preferred, you're welcome to supply your own design.

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