Homes: Etched Windows; Glass doors; Cupboard panes; Balustrades and Room Dividers

  • Glass Etching, using the superior method of sandblasting, creates a subtle, permanent finish. 

  • Because the finish is the result of a glass texture change, there can be no peeling, cracking or fading as with fake finishes, ever.

  • Glassware and mirrors can also be transformed into precious heirlooms.

Below are photos of some completed projects



  • SD1
  • SD2
  • SD3
  • SD4
    Flax with fantails and pukekos
  • SD5
    For front Villa door
  • SD6
  • SD7
    Etched room divider
  • SD8
    Etched Pohutukawa
  • SD9
  • SD14
    Etched flax with pukekos
  • SD15
    The photo was taken before the glass was installed
  • SD16
    The left hand side shows the glass panes and the right hand side of image shows them installed Design by Jeannie Ferguson
  • SD24
    This sandblasted bathroom mirror has the custom designed windows' reflection on the right hand side
  • SD30
    Design textured and shaded
  • SD31
    Close up of previous image. The background is textured and the feathers on the bird are shaded
  • SD34
    Image shaded, carved and textured
  • SD35
    Room divider
  • SD36
    Close up of room divider
  • SD39
    Image shaded and background textured
  • SD40
    Close up of previous image
  • SD44
    The customer's husband loved ducks and wanted the etching to be subtle.
  • SD45
    Panes not yet installed in a door
  • SD51
    Background textured and image carved
  • SD55
    Palm tree and elephant (bottom) were both carved and the background textured. Not a good image.
  • SD56
    Kitchen window
  • SD59
    Vanity door
  • SD67
    Ideal for side lights, doors and kitchen cupboards
  • SD70
    Gecko etched onto one door
  • SD71
    Chook design on bottom of kitchen door
  • SD80
    panes before installation
  • SD81
    This design was duplicated for the customer to match a second door.
  • SD82
    Broken Pane matched up and replaced
  • SD83
    Broken pane matched up.
  • SD84
    Matched and replaced broken pane
  • SD85
    matched broken pane
  • SD86
    Matched up broken pane
  • SD87
    Broken pane replaced
  • SD91
    Broken pane design matched up
  • SD92
    Design replicated to replace broken one

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